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Pulverbeschichtung - Auftragen... that powder coating is cheaper than varnishing?

Powder coating offers highest quality with optimal corrosion protection. It is ideal for all steel elements. The environmentally-friendly powder coats are constant, solvent-free coating materials for the individual single-part and series production.

The parts can be coated in nearly all colours, gloss levels and surface structures. Here it distinguishes between RAL and NCS. Individual special solutions are also possible.

The specialists for coatings of big parts up to 750 Kg

Frame of an agricultural machine

Rahmen einer Landmaschine
Dimensions 2100 x 3000 x 200 Schwergut
RAL 6001
Weight approx. 400 Kg
Customer Fa. Kerner

We organise the transport for youWerkseigener LKW

We pick the parts up with our own truck or a spedition at your premises and deliver the coated parts back to you.

Technical Data

Maximum Size 6000 x 2200 x 1000
Maximum Weight 750 kg
Pretreatment Sand blasting
Cleaning 2 chamber washing mashine / VE-Spraying unit
Corrosion Protection Iron thick film phosphatation
Coating Process Corona-charge
Baking Process Air circulation 220 °C
Transport Collection and delivery at the customer

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