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Innovative Compactor System and perfectly dimensioned Profile Steel Rings

In balance with the soil. The Kerner Frontpacker owns everything that is needed to be an agricultural professional. So, the robust, stable device is for example equipped with the innovative compactor system. You should know: The high dimensional profile steel rings are reliable in every weather and season. The rings have a diameter of 650 mm and 550 mm inside the track area. The big rings carry the weight mainly in heavy soil. In light soil the weight will be carried by all rings. It is ideal to profit from optimal weight distribution.

Pflugzusatzgerät frontpacker

Directing Linkage

  • provides clean driving connections and cam driving
  • cannot be retrofitted!

Frontpacker with Spring Tine Harrow* or Pasture Harrow

  • working angles adjustable

Height Adjustment

  • for pasture harrow / spring tine harrow

Integrated Cutters

  • made of tempered steel
  • crush the ground optimally
  • keep the compactors clean, in humid and sticky soils

At Kerner, we also integrated centrally adjustable cutters and clearing tools between the compactor rings. Thereby the soil is not only crushed perfectly, it is also possible to work without blockage in humid soil consitions.

Technical Data

Type Construction Type Working Width
in cm
Weight kg
Weight kg
pasture harrow
Weight kg
spring tine harrow
FP 6515s ridget 150 820 94 144
FP 6520s ridget 200 905 112 162
FP 6525s ridget 250 995 130 180
FP 6530s ridget 300 1,080 148 205
FP 6540s ridget 400 1,310 213 265
FP 6540 hydr. folding 400 1,650 238 288
FP 6545 hydr. folding 450 1,720 257 307
FP 6550 hydr. folding 500 1,810 276 326
FP 6555

hydr. folding

550 1,920 296 346
FP 6560 hydr. folding 600 2,050 317 367
Frontpacker with Crackerwalze
FPcw 5540 hydr. folding 400 1,720
FPcw 5545 hydr. folding 400 1,795
FPcw 5550 hydr. folding 500 1,910
FPcw 5555 hydr. folding 550 1,985
FPcw 5560 hydr. folding 600 2,070
FPcw 6515s ridget 150 950
FPcw 6520s ridget 200 1,065
FPcw 6525s ridget 250 1,175
FPcw 6530s ridget 300 1,320
FPcw 6540s ridget 400 2,020

Technical modifications and errors excepted. Dimensional details are not binding.

Our Local Service

Together with our regional distribution partners, we get an idea of your special operational requirements and soil conditions. On this basis we compile the optimal machine for you and offer you an individual system. Naturally we organise a visit in our reference site nearby for you. There you can see the Frontpacker working and convince yourself of all its advantages.Please contact us for arranging an appointment.