Rotary Cultivator Komet KAL

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One for all. The Rotary Cultivator Komet KAL even makes every difficult soil well. Finally different soils need their individual cultivation. With the Kerner Komet KAL an extremely flat all-over cultivation with only 5 cm depth is possible as well as a 25 cm sub soiling. And that is not all. Here the depth adjustment and the change of the wing shares will be made within a few minutes.

Grubber Komet KAL

Quick Share Change System

  • plug connection for an easy wings changing without wrench on the field
  • change wings can be carried along in a mounting support at the machine frame

Overload Safety Device (Stone Safety Device)

  • hydraulic or mechanic
  • an extremely close leading and a short construction of the cultivator shafts between the grindle plates (made of tempered boron steel) prevent a fluttering of the wirs share and minimize the wear
  • exact and equal processing horizon through a fast set back of the wing shares
  • the release force for the hydraulic system can be variably adjusted

Star Hub

  • large disc diameter of 550 mm for trouble free levelling
  • the discs are suspended in pairs in separate prestressed elements and ensure the safe evation of an obstacle
  • the special developped angles of setting ensure a blockage-free working without the formation of swath - therefore good straw breakdown
  • easy handling, stable inclined roller bearing for readjustment

Multifunctional Chassis

  • depending on the soil conditions it can be worked in different working depths with or without compactor
  • short construction through integrated chassis

This is not based on higher mathematics, but on a complex system - the patented quick share system. So Kerner is the only manufacturer that allows a tool-free change in the field. The only thing you need is a hammer. Up from now you can always step on the gas everywhere. All the other work will be made by the Rotary Cultivator Komet KAL.

Technical Data

Type Construction Type Working Width
in cm
Underframe Clearance in cm Bar Distance
in cm
Tine / Star Hub Weight
in KG
KAL 300 hydr.
300 83 70 10 / 6
KAL 420 hydr.
420 83 70 14 / 9 3,750
KAL 480 hydr.
480 83 70 16 / 10 4,020
KOMET KAL Overload Safety Device mechanic
KAL 300 Üm hydr.
300 83 70 10 / 6
KAL 420 Üm hydr.
420 83 70 14 / 9 4,140
KAL 480 Üm hydr.
480 83 70 16 / 10 4,500
KOMET KAL Overload Safety Device hydraulic
KAL 300 Üh hydr.
300 83 70 10 / 6
KAL 420 Üh hydr.
420 83 70 14 / 9 4,070
KAL 480 Üh hydr.
480 83 70 16 / 10 4,420

Technical modifications and errors excepted. Dimensional details are not binding.

Our Local Service

Together with our regional distribution partners, we get an idea of your special operational requirements and soil conditions. On this basis we compile the optimal machine for you and offer you an individual system. Naturally we organise a visit in our reference site nearby for you. There you can see the Rotary Cultivator Komet KAL working and convince yourself of all its advantages. Please contact us for arranging an appointment.