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With the correct attitude to success.

With its levelling bar and the centrally adjustable cutters made of special steel, the Schollencracker handles every situation. When push comes to shove, the Schollencracker made by Kerner is in its element. The extremely robust cutters on the height adjustable levelling bar are made of tempered steel, which crush even the biggest boulders. They are also extremely robust and have a long durability. Among its special features is the centrally adjustable cutter.Thereby the passage between the cutting tools can be centrally adjusted and adapted to every soil type.

Pflugzusatzgeraet Schollencracker


  • available for all common plough manufacturers

Vario Link

  • attachment part to adapt the adjustment for vario ploughs

Height Adjustment for Levelling Bars

  • mechanic or hydraulic* to adjust the working depth of the cutters

Central Cutter Adjustment

  • adjustment of the crumbling intensity

While developing the unit we did not only put emphasis on stability and durability of the item, but also considered the weight. So the Schollencracker is really light and can be moved with less driving force. An advantage which is positive for the energy needed and positive for your nerves, too.

Technical Data

Type Name Weight in Kg Power needed Working Width
SC 300 3-share standard* approx. 135 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 301 3-share special** approx. 155 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 400 4-share standard* approx. 175 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 401 4-share special** approx. 185 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 501 5-share special** approx. 245 approx.1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 601 6-share special** approx. 299 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm
SC 701 7-share special* approx. 385 approx. 1PS per share approx. 5-15 cm

* standard: Height adjustment of the cutter bar manual through telescopic tube with fixed stop.
** special. Height adjustment of the cutter bar manual through sliding table with variable stop (spindle adjustable).

Technical errors and modifications excepted. Dimensional details are not binding.

Our Local Service

Together with our regional distribution partners, we get an idea of your special operational requirements and soil conditions. On this basis we compile the optimal machine for you and offer you an individual system. Naturally we organise a visit in our reference site nearby for you. There you can see the Schollencracker working and convince yourself of all its advantages. Please contact us for arranging an appointment.