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Why the Kerner quality goes into detail.

From driving force to wave power. The Crackerwalze made by Kerner knows how to work perfectly on the field. No wonder - as it is equipped with big steel packer rings, which have a diameter of ∅ 550 mm and clearing and cutting tools. The wave profile of the compactor improves the structure even in extreme soil conditions and provides a share of fine soil for the seed covering. Additionally integrated cross bars ensure a surplus of driving force.

Grubber Komet KAL


  • clean the interspaces between the rings
  • no crop residues, no blockage
  • ideal for humid, sticky soil

Compactor Wheel

  • big steel packer rings with a diameter of 550 mm for an optimal reconsolidation of the soil
  • laterally closed rings combined with integrated clearing and cutting tools
  • compactor rings with wave profile: improve the structure on extreme soil and provide additional soil for the seed covering


  • adapter for assembling on machines of other manufacturers

The Crackerwalze offers you further advantages. It also allows blockage-free working in humid soil conditions and a better drainage of rain water. The formation of smear layers is not a problem any more. Instead the Crackerwalze ensures a balanced oxygen exchange and an optimal seedbed preparation.

Technical Data

Type Working Width in cm Weight in KG
Crackerwalze ∅ 550 mm (also available with special profile)
CW 55050 50 120
CW 55075 75 160
CW 55100 100 200
CW 55125 125 238
CW 55150 150 275
CW 55175 175 300
CW 55200 200 325
CW 55225 225 355
CW 55250 250 385
CW 55275 275 450
CW 55300 300 490
CW 55325 325 510
CW 55350 550 550
CW 55375 375 580
CW 55400 400 630
CW 55425 425 675
CW 55450 450 715

Technichal modifications and errors excepted. Dimensional details are not binding.

Our Local Service

Together with our regional distribution partners, we get an idea of your special operational requirements and soil conditions. On this basis we compile the optimal machine for you and offer you an individual system. Naturally we organise a visit in our reference site nearby for you. There you can see the Crackerwalze working and convince yourself of all its advantages. Please contact us for arranging an appointment.