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With its levelling bar and the innovative leaf spring furrows the Multicracker copes with every situation.

Best quality in series. You will soon realize: the Multicracker has that certain something - even in series. This soil cultivation machine has a spring borne levelling bar with extra tilted leaf spring furrows, which ensure an exemplary levelling of the tractor tracks and destroy weeds at the same time. And this without influencing the smooth running of the machine, because no soil wall must be pushed in front of the levelling bar. Due to the tilted angulations, the leaf springs can push the soil from left and right into the lane. Thereby the soil can drain off easily between the furrow closers.


Spring Borne Levelling Bar

  • with leaf spring furrow for an exemplary levelling of the tractor tracks

4-row Tine Section with Furrow Closers

  • for exact loosening, mixing and levelling of the soil
  • knife-like tines with wiping effect,which ensure the blockage-free working of the compactor
  • big harrow tines straight: line distance 12.5 cm
  • V-furrow closers ensure an optimal levelling in front of the compactor

Clearing Bar with Discs

  • as alternative for leaf spring furrows, clearing bars with discs can be mounted, too


  • wedge-shaped compactor rings cause optimal reconsolidation, well crumbling and exact depth control especially in difficult soils
  • the integrated clearing and cutting tools ensure a blockage-free working on areas with high mulch share and in humid soil conditions

Conclusion: Due to the perfect interaction between levelling bar and running after Crackerwalze, the Multicracker makes as much soil as possible during one crossing, where other machines need two. You will be amazed.

Technical Data

Type Working Width in cm Weight in KG
MC 300s 300 1,080
MC 400 400 1,725
MC 450 450 1,810
MC 500 500 1,980
MC 550 550 2,075
MC 600 600 2,170

Technical modifications and errors excepted. Dimensional details are not binding.

Our Local Service

Together with our regional distribution partners, we get an idea of your special operational requirements and soil conditions. On this basis we compile the optimal machine for you and offer you an individual system. Naturally we organise a visit in our reference site nearby for you. There you can see the Multicracker working and convince yourself of all its advantages. Please contact us for arranging an appointment.